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We don't compromise with quality.

Our fabric undergoes with following quality check processes:-

Gravin India Pilling procss

Pilling Process

It is a laboratory test where the fabric has to undergo through a process in which a fabric is inserted in a Pill Box where testing takes place and the pill box revolves from 18000 to 36000 times. Post that the quality check takes place in which we receive 4 out of 5 ratings.

Quality Check Process Step 1
Gravin India Fabrics in multi color

Color Quality

Our process through which the final product produced remains intact. The fabric remains in the same color without fading even if the fabric is washed or treated with certain chemicals.

Quality Check Process Step 2
Gravin India composition


Polyester Viscose also refers as PV is a rich composition where polyester is higher than viscose content. Polyester is durable whereas Viscose is soft. The blend of both enhances the usefulness of fabric.

Quality Check Process Step 3
Gravin India fabric strength

Strength of fabric

Fibres are commonly tested to ensure product quality by assessing the performance of materials and making sure they are acceptable towards proper end-use. The quality of our fabric is of highest standard for customers.

Our fabric is readily available for quick delivery. We make sure that we fulfil the demand for each of our customers.

Quality Check Process Step 4